With these tips, you will know what to do every time the door doesn't lock or need to make decisions related to security

With security problems being everyone's prime concern, the following tips come to solve many of such issues and help you avoid them in the future. Check out a few tricks on how to avoid burglaries and which things you must NOT do! They are simply written while their content is rich

When not to install a thumb-turn deadbolt

If your front door has a glass panel or you have a window positioned right next to your door, having a thumb-turn deadbolt as your door lock is not a good idea. Burglars can just break the glass, stick their arm in and unlock your door. A double cylinder lock installation that requires a key on the inside is a better option.

Avoiding lost transponder key headache

Getting a key replacement for lost transponder key from your auto dealer will cost you a lot of money. To avoid this unnecessary expense, our specialists strongly suggest that car owners should always request for an extra key upon purchasing a vehicle. The key should be kept in a safe place like a vault and brought out only when urgently needed.

Outdated and worn locks should not be rekeyed

While rekeying will prevent lost and stolen keys from being used for opening the door, it will not be effective for lowering the risk of forceful entry. Locks that use old technology or have poorly performing components are much easier to overcome. That is why in such situations lock replacement will be the better solution.

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